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Who Is Blessed by Sparkles?

Hello and Welcome to Blessed by Sparkles!

I am Janna (John-a) and excited to be your Independent Paparazzi consultant!
I discovered the amazing world of Paparazzi in April 2018. I have always loved jewelry but not been able to wear it having allergies to lead and nickel. My friend invited me to watch her live video about jewelry. I watched to support her and I heard the magic words NICKEL FREE, LEAD FREE, ONLY $5!!! $5 had I heard her correctly?? I had!! That $5 was the best investment I have ever made to test something. My $5 turned into me officially being a part of the Need to Feed my $5 Crave Club!
I am super excited to be on this journey and I am not alone. My daughters Nina, Jesse, and Kallista are sharing this adventure with me. I can't wait to see how we grow closer as mother and daughters all while getting to do one of our favorite things SHOP! Take a look around, contact me with questions.
Thank you for allowing us to help you feed your Sparkle needs.
~Janna and Nina